Friday, March 21, 2008
We don't get to tell people much about Sojourn, this is the name for the community of believers that meet at 930 Mary Street, L'ville. WOW, it is such a blessing to join such a great community of Believers in worship. Check out their website see what they are all about.

On Wednesday night Abby and I had the pleasure of getting to gether with the pastor to talk about membership and Church planting. We were very excited to meet with him because he invited us to come and talk to him about membership and Church planting. (Side not we just finished their Gospel classes (membership classes 6 weeks 2 hours each, it was fantastic)), so the next step is a membership interview. I can't tell you how encouraging he was and how he paved the way for us to get some great training before we leave for Fargo. Thanks Daniel and Sojourn for everything you are doing for us and we look forward to getting more involved.

Side note

April 7-9th we have our NAMB interview in ATL we will let you know how it goes.

The Gospel of Best Practices

Thursday, March 6, 2008
I know someone out there has already thought of this and has written something incredibly profound and copyrighted, of course. I went to a conference the other day where the speaker said that "best practices are the most important things".

Now first off we need not mention how "best practices" are pretty fluid, what might "work in one place with a specific people group, might not work with another in another place. I know I know how crazy does that sound.

Best practices are not the drive force and do not dictate what we do. What works is not the most important thing that drives the mission. Biblical Faithfulness and cultural relavence are driving forces. Biblical faithfulness is unchanging, there are not people groups and cultures that change this fact. We Hold to the scriptures as if there is no tomorrow, or better yet as if there is. Now this doesnt mean that we hold ourselves up in the corner and forget about the people groups to which we are to minister to. We study the people groups and express the Gospel in an understnadbale way taking into account, language, tradition, road blocks among other considerations but a best practice from some someone somewhere is not the Gospel that we hold to.

So where do "Best practices" fit. They belong to the people that have studied the people they are ministering to. They can find a method that works well but all the while undersntad that it might working with this person or thee people but it is not a blanket "thus saith the Lord" on how everyone should minister. Find a way to express the Gospel in a Biblically faithful and culturally understadable way.
So when we go to Fargo "best practices" or the "what works" of the 80's 90's and even since the turn of the millenium are not going to drive the mission. The way that we minister to one people group there could and will look different from that of the other groups.
Will you partner with us on this mission?

Take one down and pass it around!!!

This is the cover letter we created to pass along to people letting them know about what the Lord is doing and ways to partner with us in this mission. If you or anyone you know are interested please pass this along for people to check out.