Monday, September 14, 2009
wow everyone our dinner party was so much fun and some great friends came we could not have asked for a better turnout..

What's in a name

Saturday, September 5, 2009
Well we have been holding off to make this announcement but it looks like there is no time like the present. Mission Fargo will be changing it's name I know this sounds confusing but we will walk you along every step of the way. When Abby and I lived in Louisville we were introduced to the name Sojourn from the Church we attended. We were so blessed, challenged, taught man the words we could insert here but all that to say it was an incredible year there. So as we have been thinking in recent months about starting the Church things starting to move along we have thought about the name MissionFargo and while it was and still is appropriate for the mission we are on it is not really descriptive of who we are. Sojourn really is, as a Christian I have a dual-citizenship, it's like my older sister she was an American girl but born in Africa she was a citizen of both places essentially. We as those who follow Christ are citizens of two places. we are at home here but this is not our ultimate home our true home is with Christ. So Sojourn Fargo is born, now we won't call it both names but for the purpose to differentiating online we have both names. Website is forthcoming etc.. Also we will soon publish some logos for you guys to see, and let us know what you think about it. Please forgive the typos my editor is out of town!