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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

They're here, yes my friends our Summer interns and the other church planter are finally here. I want to take a chance to introduce the three of them. I asked them to say a little about themselves and I will add some to it.

On the left is Katie Lewis, Katie and I go way back she was a middle and high schooler when I was volunteering and working at Living Hope In Bowling Green.

"My name is Katie Lewis and I just finished my second year at Western Kentucky University, majoring in exercise science, in hopes to do something with physical fitness and training after graduation. After hearing about summer missions in Fargo, North Dakota I was torn because I wanted to be apart of two very different mission opportunities - go back to Camp Vesper Point in Tennessee and work with the Fishers and Robinsons in North Dakota. After much prayer, God gave me a peace about serving in Fargo. It was definately God becaues I had been so torn about how and where to spend my summer off from school. I knew I wanted to spend it being apart of a ministry and I felt God's call on my heart to join with Mission Fargo for the summer. I am looking forward to this summer and excited to see how God will use me and grow me up as His daughter in Christ. This summer, I hope to spend time delving into the Word of God in study, apply it more to my life, and minister to others through Christian love and service."

In the Middle in Randall Rearden, ,Randall was personally mentioned to me by a great friend of mine, Matt Haste, through many conversations etc I saw that this was a guy i wanted to work along side and we extended and invitation to join with us this summer.

"My name is Randall Rearden and I have just finished my sophomore year at Western Kentucky University. I am currently majoring in Broadcasting with a focus on Radio and Television Operations and hold a job back in Bowling Green at Christian Family Radio. My journey to Fargo has been coming for a long time. I know that God has called me to serve Him on the mission field. I was hoping to return to Camp Vesper Point or to East Asia for the summer, but God closed the door on my plans and laid on my heart the people of the Dakotas after a trip to Fargo during spring break. I would absolutely love to see Mission Fargo reach out to numbers of people in the area with the gospel and change the cultural views of who Jesus really is. I hope that this summer provides ample amounts of opportunities for me to serve the people of Fargo and to learn about long-term missions under missionaries here. I would also hope and pray that I may grow in leaps and bounds in my walk with the Lord and to learn more about His will on my life."

And on the right in Jennifer Whitely, I met Jennifer when she came to minister with us this past spring break. Through a blizzard the possibility of Abby and I having a baby at any time and the craziness of joining life us she wanted to return.

"My name is Jennifer Whitely and I recently finished my freshman year at Western Kentucky University where I am majoring in Communication Disorders to be a speech pathologist. Along with this career I have been called to be a missionary. Since this calling, I had always invisioned myself being in a third-world country, sharing the gospel in a foreign land that had never been reached. However, when visiting Fargo during my Spring Break, God really opened my eyes to the need for Christ that people have within my very own country. After hearing about Fargo and even getting to experience the culture myself, God has placed a burden upon my heart for Fargo. While I am there, I hope to be used by God by sharing the good news of Chirst and furthering His Kingdom to the people of Fargo, as well as growing in my own personal relationship with with Christ."

These three are going to be living like with us, like us and apart of from us this summer. They raised part of their support for the summer, they are also going to be working part time jobs to make a little extra cash and also to minister to others. Jen is living with Abby and I, Katie at the Medfords and Randall at NDSU. Just from spending time with them over the last few days I have been blown away by their commitment to follow Christ and touch others. They are a lot of fun and so excited about the task they have embarked on!

Welcome Jen, Katie and Randall we are so blessed and excited you are here with us.


Anonymous said...

Welcome!We are SO very glad your here!!!!

sabrina said...

and the journey begins...

Toddy P said...

That's a good lookin' crew up there. Nice work.