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Thursday, June 5, 2008

So something happens when we start to follow Christ. Something deep down, and for goodness sake, on the surface happens, we start to work. I'm not talking Philippians 2, "working out your faith with fear and trembling", I am talking about this idea of adding and subtracting that we do.

We have this idea that we have to add and add and add in order to please something that is just dying for us to mess up. The same idea in subtraction, we put following Christ as a lists of things to add and things to subtract.

Simply put, it is not the case, Christians want so bad to for grace not to be free. With every ounce of added rules and quick fixes for any issues. Grace is free, now we have to understand what that really means. Does that mean that you grab your number when you walk into the DMV. No by no means is that grace, when a person responds to Gods calling and repents of their sin grace covers their sin. Plain and simple. You don't add these things and then subtract these things to kneel before God free of trespasses.

Reading scripture and praying are things we do because the grace that has covered and changed us is so beautiful and Yahweh who gives it is so glorious. We run from sin, because why would we willingly offend and turn our faces to another. Anything that is added or subtracted is not to gain acceptance it is because of acceptance. We are to love Christ through all things, we have been accepted by our loving Father and we strive to be like him.

Love Christ with all you have, love him above all things.


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thanks for the blessing!
love you both!