"oops I did it again...."

Wednesday, June 4, 2008
So mucho hora has passed since the last (newly updated post) haha, well it was newly updated when I did it. Things are well we travel a lot to different places, but it has been a blessing and something we are excited to do. I graduated from Seminary and Abby finished her 3rd year of teaching.

We went on a cruise we had been planning for almost 2 years, and we are under 30 days until we move to Fargo. big stuff, periodically I will update personal things on here but this blog will be for thoughts and reflections and also Church planting things. Abby is keeping up with a great blog, http://johnandabby.wordpress.com/ , that will do more with personally whats going on with us.

Save her blog she is in the beginning stages of it but as we all know she is flippin brilliant... More later.